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Day #14 Birthday Bash with Lynsay Sands

May 31, 2010

Welcome to Day #14 of JoJo's 30 Day Birthday Bash. Today we have the privilege of getting to know Lynsay Sands, And Lynsay is going to be stopping in throughout the day to chat with all her lovely fans! So help me welcome Lynsay! *clap clap clap*

Lynsay Sands

How do you think romace has changed in the last 30 years?
I hated romance 30 years ago. Picked up one or two to read and threw them down with disgust as a teenager. The heros always seemed horrid to the heroines and yet they somehow miraculously loved them and supposedly changed them through love and that just seemed horrible to me. If some guy treated me like crap, I wouldn't give him the time of day let alone fall in "love" with him. Nowadays there is much less of that, thank goodness. At least I think there is, I avoid books where they start out enemies and basically sniping at each other but fall in love anyway.

I also think the female characters are much stronger in today's stories. Back then the heroines were all nurses falling for the doctor, or nannies falling for the child's father, but now the heroines are career women themselves, strong, independent women who fall for strong independent men.

What type of romace do you prefer to read?
I prefer the lighter ones. I'm not really into the ones that have all the tragedy happening during the story. I do not like weeping with greif for a fictional character's loss. There is enough greif in life without going out and reading someone elses even if it's fictional. I prefer stories that make me smile and feel good at the end.

What are your favorite types of heros & / or heroines?
Oddly enough, I like flawed ones. Real people are flawed and so I like flawed heros and heroines. Ones with little quirks to their characters, or who make mistakes but redeem themselves, etc. I'm not interested in writing perfect heros or heroines with perfect lives and perfect looks and perfect, perfect, perfect. I'm nowhere near perfect myself and don't know anyone who is, so why write such a fabled creature? LOL.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?
There isn't much to tell. I'm Canadian, grew up in a small town, live in London, Ontario now and I write. I'm actually pretty boring. LOL.

Fav color - red

Fav Scent - vanilla

Shower or bath
I love nice hot bubble baths. It's the only time I seem to get to relax anymore, lol.

Strawberry or cherry
Cherry of course. I only like fresh strawberries but have an appreciation for cherry anything.

Dress or jeans
Hmm… I am normally a pant or shorts person. I actually haven’t put a dress on in some time and really haven’t missed it.

Fav movies -
I like comedies, actions and horrors. But I guess my favorites would be Transformers, Iron Man, Shrek (all of them), and Clint Eastwood has produced some really amazing movies the last several years. Million Dollar Baby, Gran Torino, etc. But my all time favorite is still Silence of the Lambs.

How long did you write before you became a published author?
I’ve been writing since I was twelve. I sent my first story into publishers when I was 19. They sent it back telling me what was wrong with it and asking me to send in anything else I'd written. I didn't have anything else written at that time and thought it was a rejection of the initial story, but later was told by an editor (who basically called me an idiot) that it wasn’t. LOL. Hey, I was young. I was also on my way to University and probably not ready to be pubbed. Then in 1996 I tried again and in 1997 the Deed was published.

Do you set a daily writing goal?
No… I usually start writing a month before a book is due but I have been known to finish one within two weeks if under duress. Honestly I always feel too busy to have a regular routine. I just don’t know if it’s possible, at least for me. I sit down to a story and write it and it's pretty much all I do until the story is done. I stay in the story that way which works better for me.

How many books / series have you written?
I’ve written 14 Argeneau/Rogue Hunters (which I consider to be part of the same series), 12 of which have been releaseed; 18 historicals, 16 of which have been released; 11 novellas; and 1 contemporary.

As for series, in contemporaries there are the Argeneau/Rogue Hunters, and then I did two connected Shapeshifter anthologies. In Historicals there is the Devil of the Highlands series (Devil of the Highlands, Taming the Highland Bride, Hellion and the Highlander) There are also three connected medievals from earlier in my career, The Deed, The Key and The Chase, and right now I have two done out of three or four in connected Regencies which are untitled.

Can you tell you tell us a little bit about the book?
Born to Bite tells the story of Armand Argeneau, and clears up the question of what really happened fifty years ago with Nicholas Argeneau and the poor woman he was accused of killing. Unfortunately, explaining it in Renegade Hunter would have given away all of Armand's story, so it had to wait until now. It was also too much to explain in just a couple paragraphs and they only give me so many words per story. But equally important is that it clears things up about Armand's bad luck with wives and brings him back into the fold which is definitely a good thing.

Can you tell us about your favorite / strangest fan experience?
I have amazing readers. I always say I have the best readers anywhere, and I believe that. They're all wonderful when I encounter them whether in email or at signings. But I did have one woman who burst into tears everytime we ran into each other at a conference. She explained that she'd had several tragedies in a short span of years and had been miserable and unable to smile let alone laugh, but then someone had given her one of my books and she'd laughed for the first time in a long time, and she had bought them all and each had lifted her mood further and she was just so glad I wrote those books. Well, each time she burst into tears, I got teary eyed and hugged her, lol. I'm sure it must have been a strange sight at that conference. Two women bumping into each other, crying and hugging over and over again. Definitely a kind of strange but lovely experience.

Do you read any reviews on your books?
I used to, but it got me down too much. It doesn't matter what you write, there will always be someone who doesn't like it. For instance, some people find my stories too light. They want the dark stuff and that's just not me. And while there would be 50 good reviews and one deriding the story as "fluff" it would be that one critical one that would have the most impact. So, I have learned to just stay away from the review sites. I didn't start writing worrying about what others would like. I was writing the story the way I saw it, and it seems to me that since that worked and has given enjoyment and amusement to a lot of people, I should really just continue to do that and not worry so much about the impossible task of trying to please everyone.

Do you read your own books after they make it to final print?
Sometimes, years later. Although, that is happening more often now with the Argeneau/Rogue Hunter series as I check old books to see what side characters have done and so on for present books.

What do you like to Read? Your Favorite Genre?
I'm a horror buff. Dean Koontz and the like

Is there anything else you would like to share with your followers today?
 Yes, I'd like to thank all my wonderful readers for the lovely emails and messages they send me. I really appreciate it. In fact, sometimes they are the only thing that keeps me going when on deadline, exhausted and just wanting to sit down and watch a movie or something. And if you haven't had an answer yet, hang in there, I do answer all of them, but get so many it takes a while (even as much as 6 months). You will eventually get a response, but in the meantime, thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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Thank you so much Lynsay for being here today
and for helping me Celebrate my upcoming 30th Birthday!!!

But wait don't go away! Lynsay is stopping by
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Day # 13 Birthday Bash with Masked by Moonlight

May 29, 2010

Welcome to Day #13 of JoJo's 30 Day Birthday Bash! Today i bring a great book that just came out, that i think you all are going to love!!!!

By: Nancy Gideon

Homicide detective Charlotte Caissie is dedicated to bringing down the crime boss responsible for her father’s murder. Using Jimmy Legere’s right hand man is a dangerous gamble, not just because of his ruthless reputation as more monster than man, but because her feelings for her mysterious and irresistible enemy are … complicated. There’s just something about Max.

Rescued from the swamps as a child, Max Savoie owes Jimmy Legere his life. Existing silently in his rescuer’s shadow, he heeds only one voice. Until Charlotte Caissie awakens his emotions and tests his loyalties. Forced to step outside his cautious rules to save her, he risks more than his heart . . . he risks exposing his dark secret.

Working together means facing the truth about who and what they are, and what they need from one another. If Max is the murderer she seeks, Cee Cee might be his next victim. She can’t afford to trust any man. Good thing Max isn’t one

Author Website
Book Depository

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Day # 12 Birthday Bash with Enemy Lover

Welcome to Day #12 of JoJo's 30 Day Birthday Bash! Today i bring a REALLY great book that just came out, that i think you all are going to love!!!!

Enemy Lover
By Karin Harlow

It’s Jax Cassidy’s first mission for L.O.S.T.—one that will give the former cop who went rogue a chance to prove herself. Her assignment: gain the trust of assassin Marcus Cross . . . eliminate him . . . then take down Marcus’s mentor, Joseph Lazarus, a man with a bold eye on the White House. But the woman who’s known by her team for being a femme fatale succumbs to passion, only to discover Cross’s deadly secret. He’s a vampire, and Joseph Lazarus is his creator.

Left for dead by his platoon in the violent hills of Afghanistan, special ops sniper Marcus Cross was given a second chance at life. His newly heightened skills make him the perfect killing machine, and as Lazarus's right hand man, he’s quickly rising to the top of his dark empire, purging enemies with speed and precision. Only when dangerous beauty Jax Cassidy is sent to bring him in does he begin to question Lazarus’s motives and his own actions. But when Jax’s life is threatened by the one thing that can destroy them both, Marcus must make a bitter choice—her death or his.

Last Option Special Team

A group of rogue cops, their lives destroyed, rise from the ashes like the mythical phoenix...

Caught acting outside the law, they are given a choice by the enigmatic Mr. Black: Spend their lives in prison. Or break all ties with their past, assume a new identity, and become part of an elite crime fighting team unofficially sanctioned by the U.S. Attorney General’s Office.

Their sole purpose is to close the cases that normal law enforcement channels cannot touch. What they discover is there are no rules--not for them and not for the Others.

L.O.S.T. operatives are the hunters, the cleaners, the end of the road for the bad guys. Immortal. Or not.

No boundaries.

No laws.

No compromises.

When the balance of humanity is in jeopardy, failure is not an option.

Semper Invictus, Always Invincible.

Author Website
Author Blog
Simon & Schuster
Book Depository

My Review Coming soon!

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Day #11 Of JoJo's Birthday Bash with Friday Forgot About Finds + Giveaway

May 28, 2010

Welcome to Day #11 of JoJos 30 Day Birthday Bash with the 2nd edition of Birthday Bash Friday Forgot About Finds!!!

Twin of Fire
(Chandler Twins Duology Series #1)
By Jude Deveraux

While dreaming of practicing medicine, Blair falls in love with her placid sister's fianceĆ©, himself a doctor. Blair's impetuous spirit has won her a medical degree in a man's world — and captured Lee Westfield's heart. But even as the couple's ardor grows, there are nights when Lee disappears only to return exhausted, haunted. His silence imperils their love, but the truth would imperil her life.

Publisher: Pocket Books
Published: 01 March 1990
Format: Paperback
See: Full bibliographic data
Categories: Romance

Historical Romance
ISBN 13: 9780671722999
ISBN 10: 0671722999
Sales rank: 145,332
Book Depository

By Jude Deveraux

Amanda Caulden led a sheltered life on her father's California ranch — until the day Hank Montgomery stormed into town. A hot-blooded union organizer with a taste for ladies and fine champagne, he sensed the fire that smoldered beneath her prim, virtuous beauty...and he vowed to make her his.
Hank's assault on her orderly life made Amanda furious — and all the more enticing. Slowly, he drew her into a world of sensuous pleasure: sumptuous meals and moonlit dances, carefree laughter and stolen kisses...gently stirring the sleeping embers of passion. But even as a fierce love rose between them, violent rebellion threatened to destroy the Caulden ranch — and their lives!

Publisher: Pocket Books
Published: 01 May 1990
Format: Paperback
See: Full bibliographic data
Categories: Romance
Historical Romance
ISBN 13: 9780671706791
ISBN 10: 0671706799
Sales rank: 54,887
 Book Depository

Highland Velvet
By Jude Deveraux

Bronwyn McArran was a proud Scot. Stephen Montgomery was one of the hated English. He came to Scotland as a conqueror, saw her beauty, and was vanquished. But fiery-tempered Bronwyn vowed to resist him.

While clan fought clan and the Highlands ran with blood, against all odds Bronwyn became Stephen's reason to live, his reason to love. Now, this mighty warrior pledged himself to his woman's pride, her honor, and her name -- and made of their love a legend that would live through the ages.

Publisher: Pocket Books
Published: 01 June 1990
Format: Paperback
See: Full bibliographic data
Categories: Romance Historical Romance
 ISBN 13: 9780671706685
 ISBN 10: 0671706683
Sales rank: 71,643
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Day #10 Birthday Bash with Leanna Renee Hieber

May 27, 2010

Welcome to Day #10 of JoJo's 30 Day Birthday Bash. Today we have the honor of Leanna Renee Hieber.

Leanna Renee Hieber

 Thanks JoJo for allowing me the opportunity to come and talk about my favourite type of romance scene! I’m the author of the Strangely Beautiful series, a quartet of Gothic Victorian Fantasy / Paranormal novels, beginning with The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker, continuing with the freshly released The Darkly Luminous Fight for Persephone Parker, the series will continue again this fall in A Midwinter Fantasy anthology and on into 2011.

My favourite type of romantic scenes is tied into why I write what I write and in the time period that remains my favourite time period; the Victorian Era. This was an era of great innovation, excitement and creativity, but also great trepidation, pain, aggression, misunderstanding and polarization. It was a time of grit and grandeur, a preened exterior society with a seething underbelly. A time of passion and restraint. A time when the mere touch of a hand was exotic. And so my favourite scene is all about the romantic tension, and all about the first touch.

One of the most commented upon scenes in my debut novel is the waltz scene between sweet, timid Percy and her stern professor Alexi, with whom she’s helplessly smitten, at the academy ball. I write sensual and sweet. I don’t write “hot”, and yet reviewers will assure you my books do not suffer from a lack of romance. *s*. This is a preview from what precedes that now infamous waltz scene. Because before one dances a waltz, one must be taught. My favourite part of romance is the building, the tension, and the revelation of a first touch. This is that very moment. The first touch.

From The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker (Strangely Beautiful #1):

“Did I say you were dismissed?” Alexi called from his desk.

She whirled to face him across the grand office. “You said, ‘That will be all …’”

“For the first lesson.” Alexi rose and went to a shelf. “Turn the phonograph handle,” he instructed, “and place the needle on the disk.”

Miss Parker’s ghost-pale face lit. She did as instructed, and the phonograph bell crackled; the glorious sound of strings lifting sinuously into the air. Alexi moved toward the open floor of his office.

“The pleasant surprise about music and mathematics, Miss Parker, is that it’s all numbers,” he began casually. “And so is a dance.”

The music became distinguishable as a lilting waltz. Miss Parker’s eyes widened and a hand flew to her mouth. “Oh, Professor!” Joy radiated from her like a sunbeam, and for a brief moment, Alexi forgot what he was about to say.

“Hush, hush. Don’t make me regret taking the time to do this. Come here, silly girl.”

Percy darted forward, but when she stood before him, looking up, she became so frightened that the professor might read her mind that she shrank back, embarrassed and awkward.

His own composure remained cool as he offered a noble bow. “That is your cue to curtsey, Miss Parker.”

“Oh, yes, of course. How stupid of me.” She curtseyed, and the professor closed the distance between them to a decorous familiarity. She stared up at him. Her pounding heart made her mind swim. The professor placed a hand around her waist and took her right hand. When they made physical contact, Percy thought she might faint. Actual, voluntary human contact from a man she so admired … Tears rolled down her white cheeks.

“My goodness, Miss Parker, if I thought this would upset you …” Alarmed, Professor Rychman withdrew. “Of course there is an academy rule of no contact, but a dance lesson is most certainly an exception, and if you fear—”

“Oh, no, my dear professor! You must understand. In the convent, the only man I ever could call a friend was a ghost. We could never so much as take hands …”

There was a moment, as they stared at each other, where Percy thought they shared a keen understanding of loneliness. The professor’s dark eyes softened. He respectfully held her gaze until she bashfully looked away; then he held out his hand, patiently allowing her to approach when ready.

Percy wiped her eyes and stepped forward. His hand closed again over her waist. Her fingers alit upon his other palm, and he coaxed her hand into his, squeezing gently.

“Your fear of me simply must cease,” he commanded.

“It … it isn’t that I’m afraid, Professor.”

“If I’m not mistaken, Miss Parker, you quake.”

“Not out of fear, I assure you!” But after this declaration, more mottled patches burst upon Percy’s porcelain cheeks. She was terrified anew that he’d expel her on the spot.

The professor cleared his throat and simply said, “The rhythm guides us, Miss Parker. One-two-three, one-two-three.” He tapped time upon her finger. “Your feet must do the same. Place your other hand on my shoulder.”

Percy complied. Far too nervous to look at him, she instead stared at the ornate silver button that clasped his robe and held his signature scarlet cravat in place.

“I will lead with my right foot. Step back with your left.” The professor moved forward. As Percy faltered he said, “No, the other—”

“I’m so sorry!”

“Stop apologizing, Miss Parker, and move.”

Percy stepped back, obedient if rigid. The professor added, “Repeat this, following my lead, stepping back when I step forward, interchanging.” As he did so, Percy followed with hesitation but precision, and moved without stumbling. She felt a giddy rush.

“I see!” She dared a look up at him, and grinned.

“It’s rather simple once you know the steps,” he stated, and began again. “Can you feel the pulse?”

Their steps remained small and controlled. “Yes,” she breathed, shocked at her voice, which was a good deal more sensual than she intended. Their eyes locked, Percy stumbled and broke away. “I am sorry, Professor, but—”

He stepped forward and grabbed her by the hand, firmly turning her to face him again. Percy gasped. He clamped his other hand upon her waist, putting an abrupt halt to her cringing retreat. He stepped forward. She stepped back. They lifted and stepped and repeated without incident. They moved around the open spaces of the office, each turn imparting confidence. Finally, Percy could not hold back a delighted laugh as she realized she was waltzing. And Constance was watching, hovering above the professor’s desk, smiling proudly.

“I’m dancing!” Percy whispered with glee.

The professor partially smiled, his eyes sparkling for one single moment. “Indeed you are,” he replied, and Percy felt a tug upon her right hand. She allowed his pull—and twirled beneath his arm! As she spun to face him again, his hand returned to her waist. Percy nearly swooned.

The professor lowered his head in approval. “Not a bad start, Miss Parker. You see, if you pay attention to your partner, you can react without even being warned.” He smirked, displaying a mischievousness Percy had never seen—or perhaps it was merely wishful thinking.

The music ended. The disk crackled beneath the needle. The professor released his hold on Percy and stepped back, bowed, holding her gaze. Percy curtseyed in return, wishing the music had gone on indefinitely.

“Now … no more moping about that damnable gala!” he commanded, moving to the phonograph and lifting the needle.

“Oh, Professor, how can I ever thank you for this—?” She ran forward and realized with sudden horror that she had unconsciously meant to embrace him.

“Good night, Miss Parker,” he interrupted.

“Oh. Yes, of course. Good night, Professor. Thank you!” She spoke hurriedly, awkwardly gathering her things to cover her dangerous intention. “I shall see you on Saturday?”

“Perhaps you will find me in a dark corner, hiding,” he admitted, grimacing as he took to the chair behind his desk and busied himself with a cup of spiced tea.

“Well. Good night, then.” She hurried to the door, wondering if the blush upon
her cheeks would ever fade.

(End of Excerpt)


I hope you’ll join the Strangely Beautiful saga and pick up The Darkly Luminous Fight for Persephone Parker, which picks up exactly where Strangely Beautiful #1 leaves off, both now in stores! Keep track of the saga via

Thank you so much Leanna for being here today
and for helping me Celebrate my upcoming 30th Birthday!!!

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Day #9 Birthday Bash with Caridad Pineiro

May 26, 2010

Welcome to Day #9 of JoJo's Birthday Bash!! Today we have the pleasure of visiting and getting to know Caridad Pineiro Author of Sins of the Flesh, and upcoming release Stronger than Sin. So help me welcome Caridad!!!!


~How do you think romace has changed in the last 30 years? I’m very happy to see how much the romance genre has grown in the last thirty years. In addition to so much greater variety, we are seeing heroines who are dealing with real life issues and who still get their happily-ever-afters. For readers facing the same dilemmas, it’s very uplifting to believe that such happiness is possible.

~What type of romace do you prefer to read? I read a lot of what I write, namely, romantic suspense, paranormals and a blend of the two. My favorite is the IN DEATH series by J.D. Robb aka Nora Roberts.

~What are your favorite types of Heros & / or heroines? I love military/ex-military men as heroes and as for women, kick-butt kinds of heroines who still remain feminine.

~Can you tell us a little about yourself? I am a wife, mother and attorney when I am not busy being a writer. I started off writing contemporary romances, but realized that I needed a place to vent my dark side and started writing paranormals and romantic suspense. My 25th book, STRONGER THAN SIN – a paranormal romance, comes out in November 2010.

~Fav color – Red.

~Fav Scent – Paris by Yves St. Laurent.

~Fav Flavor – Chocolate and strawberries

~Fav shampoo – Any of the Dove shampoos. They are really great!

~Fav movies – Underworld 1 & 2, Conspiracy Theory, King Arthur, The Replacements, Chocolat, A Walk in the Clouds, Gone with the Wind, Bend it Like Beckham

~Can you tell us about your favorite / strangest fan letter? I had two letters that really moved me. The first was from a young lady in Yemen who wrote to say how my books transported her to worlds that she could not visit. The second was from someone with an illness and said that they were able to identify with a heroine with similar issues and that I had treated the matter of the illness in a good way. It makes me feel as if I am doing something good for the world if my writing is able to connect with people in that fashion.

~What are some of your favorite Hero / Heroine names? Favorites are Diana, Ryder, Caterina, Mick, Liliana, Jesse from my characters. From the books/movies, Selena, Eve, Roarke (LOL!)

~Do you read any reviews on your books? I do read reviews. Whether good or bad, I take a moment to see how people reacted to the book so that I can either repeat that for the future or make changes when I think the reviewers are spot on about where the book needed improvement.

~Do you read your own books after they make it to final print? Not right away. I sometimes will read one a couple of years later when I have some fresh perspective. That helps me see what I am doing wrong or right.

~ How did you get into writing? I wrote my first book in the fifth grade when the teacher assigned a project – to write a book for a class lending library. I’ve been hooked ever since!

~Is writing your full time job? Unfortunately writing is not my full time job. I still am a full-time lawyer in Manhattan.

~Whats a typical writing day for you like? I typically write on the commute to and from work. Then I also devote about 3 to 4 hours on the weekend mornings to do yet more writing. During “down time” I work on my website, blogs, etc.

~Do you set a daily writing goal? I set a weekly goal, but not a daily one. Sometimes too many things get in the way and it’s never good to get upset about not meeting the requirements for that one day.

~When and where do you like to write? I like to write on my couch with my favorite blanket over me, even in the summer. But my absolute favorite place to write is on my balcony during the summer when I can feel the sea breeze and smell the ocean from a few blocks away.

~Are there any processes you use when writing? Do you keep journals, sticky notes, chicken scratch on the back of receipts? I usually visualize a scene in my head before I write it. If I don’t like what’s happening, I can replay it in my head until it’s write. Then I sit down and put that scene into my computer.

~Do you prefer to write on a computer, typewriter, or paper and pen? My handwriting is awful. I do everything on a computer.

~What is the hardest / easiest part of writing for you? The hardest part is not having enough time to write more. I would love to do more stories, but can’t because of the fact that I’m still working.

~Whats the best thing about being an author? The best part of being an author is getting to meet so many nice people! I love getting to know new people and the writing makes that possible.

~Do you have any advice for aspiring writers? Don’t give up and Don’t give up your day job. If you do the first you will never realize your dreams and if you do the second, you may find yourself agonizing over paying the bills rather than devoting time to your story. 

~How man books / series have you written? STRONGER THAN SIN is my 25th novel/novella and the second book in the SINS series. I’m happy to say that there will be at least two more books in that series in 2011! The new books in the SINS series will introduce an ancient race that has amazing powers as a result of being able to absorb life energies. I also write THE CALLING Vampire novels. I’ve delivered two more books in that series and am waiting to hear from my editors as to the publication dates for the novels. In addition, I’ve got two Aztec-themed stories coming out from Carina Press in 2010 and 2011. One is a novella about a vampire Aztec demi-goddess and the second is a romantic suspense which involves terrorists, a broken mother-daughter relationship, a sexy CIA agent and an ancient relic with mystical powers.

~Is there a Genre you have always wanted to write in but for reasons you have not been able to? I’ve always wanted to write a young adult book, but have not been able to find the time to do that.

~What are 3 things that are “must haves” for you when you sit down to write? Three must haves are coffee, my laptop and a comfy chair/sofa.

~Do you have a webiste or blog that your readers can keep up with you and your books? You can visit me at and I love to hear from readers and answer each and every e-mail!


Pizza or burger
 - Pizza

Dress or jeans
- jeans

Highlander or vampire
- vampire

Fire or water
 - water

Up or down
- up

Black &white or color
- red

Half full or half empty
- half fill

Day or night
- day

Star trek or star wars
– star trek

Sword or gun
– that’s a draw!

Eyes or mouth
- eyes

Strawberry or cherry
– strawberry

Old or new
- old

High or low
– low (I’m afraid of heights!) Me TOOO *cringes*

Shower or bath
- shower

Paperback or hardback

Desktop or laptop
- laptop

Coke or pepsi
- pepsi

Winter or summer
- summer

Dog or cat
- cat

Movie theatre or movies at home
– Either. I love movies.
Check out Caridad Here:
Thank you so much for being here with us today Caridad
and for helping me Celebrate my 30th Birthday!!

And now a total SQUEEEEEEE moment!
Caridad is giving all commentors the chance for 1 lucky person to win an
and a copy of SINS OF THE FLESH
PLUS a t-shirt!!!!

Have you read anything by Caridad? If so what did you read, and what are your thoughts?
If not which books would you like to try?
Only Rules:
MUST leave a comment (please feel free to ask Caridad any questions)
 and please include
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Happy Release Day for Many......

May 25, 2010

Well, I have to say today is a very big day for releases!!! I don't normally share many releases because so many others are sharing the same thing, but today is the release day of 2 books i have been sooooo patiently waiting on....*snickers* well as patient as i can be anyway! LOL So i decided i NEEDED to share them with you! So Happy Release Day everyone!!!

The Darkest Passion
By: Genas Showalter

For weeks, the immortal warrior Aeron has sensed an invisible female presence. An angel--a demon-assassin--has been sent to kill him. Or has she? Olivia claims she fell from the heavens, giving up immortality because she couldn't bear to harm him. But trusting - and falling for - Olivia will endanger them all. So how has this 'mortal' with the huge blue eyes already unleashed Aeron's darkest passion?

Now, with an enemy hot on his trail and his faithful demon companion determined to remove Olivia from his life, Aeron is trapped between duty and consuming desire. Worse still, a new executioner has been sent to do the job Olivia wouldn't...

Author Blog
Author Website

Forbidden Highlander
By: Donna Grant


Fallon MacLeod has gifts any warrior would covet - fierce strength, unmatched skill, even immortality. But those gifts come at a price that puts everyone he loves at risk. Only when his brother, Quinn, is taken captive does Fallon leave the seclusion of his Highland home to seek the king's aid. And though every women at court would gladly be his for the asking, one alone causes desire to roar to life within him: beautiful, mysterious Larena Monroe.


Rumors swirl around the castle about "The McLeod" but Larena knows the truth. Like Fallon, Larena is searching for a way to vanquish the evil Druid who wants to wreak havoc on earth. Drawn to Fallon in spite of her fear, she surrenders to a passion that shocks them both with its raw intensity. But Larena dares not hope for more - not when she holds a secret that could turn her fiery Highland love against her forever…

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Day #8 Birthday Bash with Eliza Gayle

Welcome to Day #8 of JoJo's 30 Day Birthday Bash. Today we have the wonderfully creative Eliza Gayle Author of Lucas. So time to party, celebrate, and get to know Eliza!

Eliza Gayle

About Eliza

~How do you think romace has changed in the last 30 years?

If you were to drag out books from thirty years ago and compare them to today you would see quite a bit of difference. For me personally it's changed a lot. When I was thirteen I was hiding in the stacks at the library on Saturday afternoons reading the likes of Rosemary Rogers. Historicals were everything for me back then. Years later I went through a cute contemporary phase before moving on to romantic suspense.

These days you'll find me reading just about everything except historicals. I think I read to much of it when I was young so it's a rare historical that catches my eye. I'm not a huge fan of the regency era that is so popular, I prefer a more medieval or other odd time period.

I haven't caught the urban fantasy craze quite as much as everyone else which I think is caused by my preference for 3rd person versus 1st person. Although I have read some great urban fantasy. Spider's Bite by Jennifer Estep comes to mind...

I actually read and write in the same genres. It makes sense to me to write the genres I love to read. So you'll likely find my iTouch filled with paranormal romance and contemporary erotic romance.

~What are your favorite types of Heros & / or heroines?
I like heroines in all shapes and sizes from kick ass to sweet but when it comes to my heroes I want the alpha male.

~Fav color - Purple

~Fav Scent - I don't wear perfume but I do love the scent of various fruits. Raspberry would probably be my favorite.

~Fav movies - action and comedy

~What are some of your favorite Hero / Heroine names?
From my books I would say Garron and Kian from others books I would have to say Roarke and Valerius.

~Do you read any reviews on your books?
Yes, I read all the reviews on my books. I get that not every book is going to work for every reader but as a writer I find there is sometimes a lot to learn craft wise if you read between the lines.

~Do you read your own books after they make it to final print?
Nope. Never. As much as everyone from the writer to the editor to the proof readers try to catch every mistake, things get missed. We are human after all. And if I was to read a finished book of mine I would find an error and it would drive me crazy. lol

~Do you have a favorite book /series?
I love a lot of series but if I had to choose a favorite it would be the Breed series by Lora Leigh

~How old were you when you began to write?
The first piece of fiction I wrote on my own that wasn't some sort of school assignment was when I sat down and wrote a romantic sequel to Empire Strikes Back. Of course I had no idea back then there was a name to that kind of thing. Fan Fic. But I can tell you that my version turned out NOTHING like Return of the Jedi. lol

After college I didn't write anything other than business writing for well over ten years.

~Is writing your full time job?
No, I have a day job that I work from home. It gives me a flexible schedule so that I can fit in writing when I need to.

~Whats a typical writing day for you like?
As much as I try to set myself a routine, I can't seem to stick to it. So nothing is typical about my day. :)

~Do you set a daily writing goal?
Yes, 6 days a week I write at least 1200 words a day unless I am editing or revising.

~When and where do you like to write?
I most often write in my newly redecorated office, although the love seat in the living room is pretty comfy too.

~Are there any processes you use when writing? Do you keep journals, sticky notes, chicken scratch on the back of receipts?I have an obsession with notebooks which can only be written in with pencil. lol I try to keep one main one for the story ideas each year but more often than I'd like, I find myself without said notebook and then any old paper will do. I have a future paranormal series roughly sketched out on a napkin. On vacation, in a bar, you do what you have to. lol

~What are you reading at the moment?
Bound To Please by Lilli Fiesty

~Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?
Don't give up and keep learning your craft. You will get knocked down in this business but those that keep getting back up persevere. 

~How man books / series have you written?
I have 23 stories written, 18 of them published with more to come later this year and next. As far as series go...I have 3. Pentacles of Magick, Purgatory and the Black Cougar series.

~Can you tell us about some of them?
The Purgatory series is a contemporary BDSM short story series that centers around a fetish club called Purgatory. Each story explores a different fetish and they are so much fun to write. I've gotten a lot of great reader feedback on these and hope to keep writing them for a while.

The Black Cougar series is based on a clan of cougar shapeshifters hidden in the mountains of North Carolina. Keeping an entire society a secret isn't easy and lends itself to a lot of action and adventure. This one is meant as a trilogy and the 3rd one comes out this summer. Although... I do have plans for more shapeshifter books in this world just with a different family per se on the other side of the mountain. I'm not yet prepared to give away too many details yet. :)

~Is there a Genre you have always wanted to write in but for reasons you have not been able to?
I would love to try writing some suspense/thriller type books

~Do you have a new release, or a new release coming out soon? Can you tell us about it?
I have two books that just came out last month on the same day. Very different books. First is Kane, the second in the black cougar trilogy.

The 2nd new release is Dirty Deeds and while also paranormal it's quite different. Demons instead of shapeshifters and the story centers around Melody, a newly created sex demon who is struggling to take her role seriously. She's a bit snarky. It's also been called a very hot book and considering a good portion of it takes place in a BDSM club, I can't disagree. ;)

~Do you have a webiste or blog that your readers can keep up with you and your books?
Yes! My website is


Pizza or burger
 - Pizza

Dress or jeans
 - Jeans

Highlander or vampire
 - Vampire
Fire or water
- Fire

Up or down
 - Up

Black &white or color
- I love the gray areas

Half full or half empty
- half full

Day or night
- Both

Star trek or star wars
- Star Wars

Sword or gun
- both. I believe in being fully prepared.
Eyes or mouth
- Eyes

Strawberry or cherry
 - Strawberry

Old or new
- New

High or low
- High

Shower or bath
- Bath

Paperback or hardback
- eBook

Desktop or laptop
- laptop

Coke or pepsi

Winter or summer
 - Summer

Dog or cat
- Fish

Movie theatre or movies at home
- theatre

Check out Eliza Here:


My Review of Lucas  HERE:

Thank you so much for being here with us today ELiza
and for helping me Celebrate my 30th Birthday!!

Good NEWS!!! Eliza has given all you lucky commentors the chance
for 1 person to win a copy of Lucas (e-book) and a copy of
Rope Dreams (e-book) Good Luck!

Only Rules:
Must leave a comment, and please include
an e-mail address so the winner can be contacted)

*Open World Wide / Ends June 18th*


Review: Lucas By: Eliza Gayle


By: Eliza Gayle

Publisher: Linden Bay Romance LLP
Published: 01 April 2009
Format: Paperback 204 pages
Categories: Fantasy Romance Adult
   & Contemporary Romance
ISBN 13: 9781602021433
ISBN 10: 1602021430
Book Blurb
Kira MacDonald is in trouble. Plagued by false visions and erotic dreams of a man she’s never met, she fears losing both her psychic powers and her sanity. The cure? Finding and bonding with her mate. The stubborn red-haired warrior might not want one, but fate has other plans, plans that include her rescuing Lucas Gunn.

As the Guardian of his shape-shifting clan, Lucas Gunn lived a quiet, solitary life. Until he was kidnapped, examined, and tortured. Now imprisoned, his only tie to the outside world is the memory of his dreams and the passionate woman who appears nightly in them. He thought she was nothing more than a vision. Then she came for him.

An uneasy alliance, a mating call that won’t be denied, rituals that must be honored, and unrelenting enemies who will stop at nothing to get what they want. It all comes together in the first of Eliza Gayle’s sensational Black Cougar Series. Passion and Pride. Duty and Danger. In the end, there’s really only one choice…for Lucas.

My Thoughts

Lucas is a very fast paced love story. The bond between Lucas & Kira is so strong, and comes on fast. To be able to sense somebody mentall , and communicate with them mentally without ever meeting them. WOW ! That would be kinda erie, and kewl all at once!

One key point a had a hard time with was the begining where Lucas is held captive. You have no idea how long he was there, how he was captured, or why he was kidnapped. You do find out who did capture him, but not alot of reasoning to go with it. I would have liked to have a little bit more into this part of the story.

Kira, now i really like her character! Very strong willed young women. I would have liked to have a little bit more of an insite into her past also, but.......I know, they have to keep you hanging on waiting for more! ;0)

I was really captivated by Lucas's brother Kane. Just the little bit of a glimpse you get of him in this story.....I bet he's fiesty! I can not wait to get the chance to read his story. Now into the story a bit i had a bit of an eye bulge moment when you get a peek into the things the brothers have done together in their past. And there is also a little scene where you get a glimpse of what types of things their pasts involve. That REALLY makes me want to read Kane's story!

Now there are laws that the brothers have to abid by for their clan. If not followed, there is punishment. Some of the laws between all the different clans. Its totaly craizness! It really makes you want to know how the story will continue, and how Lucas & Kira will deal with the lifes fate has dealt them.

All in all i think this was a very fast paced, keep you on the edge of your seat story. And i am very much anticipating how the story will continue, and what new twists it will bring us!


Day #7 Birthday Bash with Gabi Stevens

May 24, 2010

Welcome to Day #7 of JoJos Birthday Bash! Today we get the privilege of chatting and getting to know the wonderful Gabi Stevens Author of The Wish List. So help me give a warm Welcome to Gabi!!

Gabi Stevens

~How do you think romance has changed in the last 30 years? We’ve gone from heroine who are submissive to the hero, to strong capable woman who save themselves and, oh yeah, get the guy. The boundaries have expanded to include vampires, space, spies, assassins, sports figures, comedy, suspense, medical, you dream it you can find it.

~What type of romance do you prefer to read? I love paranormal and historicals. But that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a good contemporary or category too. But my comfort reads are historical and paranormal.

~What are your favorite types of Heroes & / or heroines? Give me the alpha male who turns to mush for the right woman and the heroine who is intelligent and almost a bitch (Hey, I said “almost”).

~Fav color: Anything but blue.

~Fav Scent: Lavender

~Fav Flavor: Too hard--it depends on my mood and activity--but I like vanilla ice cream, white cake, sushi, clam linguini, garlic, and butter. (How’s that for eclectic?)

~Fav shampoo: something fragrant and bubbly

~Fav movies: Notting Hill; The Shawshank Redemption; Seven Brides for Seven Brothers; Singing in the Rain; To Catch a Thief; how much more room do we have?

~Favorite TV shows: Glee, The Office, 30 Rock

~What are some of your favorite Hero / Heroine names? I like names that are unusual but not unpronounceable. For example, the heroine of the third book in the Time of Transition series is Stormy. I also like names that can have nicknames. The heroine of the second book is Regina, but everyone calls her Reggie. Except her mother. And old-fashioned names, like the names of the three aunts: Lily, Rose and Hyacinth. For my heroes I like strong sounding names, like Tennyson.

~Do you read any reviews on your books? I do. I don’t know why I do, but I do. I open each one cringing and hope for the best. And when they aren’t good, I always try to learn from them. But in a way the whole action is futile because the book that has been reviewed and I can’t change anything.

~Do you read your own books after they make it to final print? Never! I find errors, and it kills me that I can’t fix them.

~What do you like to Read? Everything. Although I usually get angry with “literary” books because they seem to revel in gratuitous torture, tragedy, or trauma. Your Favorite Genre? Really? Romance.

~ How did you get into writing? I have always told myself stories, but I didn’t know I could write them down. Then when my twins were old enough, I realized I had to do something to keep my sanity. Writing became it. Although I’m not sure listening to the voices in my head telling me stories is exactly sane.

~Did you always want to be a writer? No. I was going to be an actress. Besides, I had an English teacher tell me once that I would never be a writer, and at the time, I believed my teachers.

~How old were you when you began to write? Uh-uh. Not telling. Too many people can do math.

~Is writing your full time job? Soon. But for now, I teach during the day.

~What’s a typical writing day for you like? No such thing; not with a day job, three kids and husband. And as if I wasn’t disorganized enough, we just got a puppy.

~Do you set a daily writing goal? During the summer when the day job is on hiatus, I do, but I set weekly or monthly goals while I have the day job.

~When and where do you like to write? I have converted a bedroom to an office. I love being in there. I feel so official. And if I ruled the world, I would work late into the night and sleep in every morning.

~Are there any processes you use when writing? Do you keep journals, sticky notes, chicken scratch on the back of receipts? I really don’t. I just start writing and see where it takes me.

~Do you prefer to write on a computer, typewriter, or paper and pen? All of them. No that’s a lie. Not the typewriter. I’ve never owned a typewriter (which was a pain in high school and college when I had papers due). I like the computer, but pen and paper can make it seem like I’ve done more. All the scratches and squiggles, arrows and cross outs, you know.

~What is the hardest / easiest part of writing for you? Getting ideas is the easiest. Actually putting those ideas on paper for the first draft is the hardest. I like revising.

~Whats the best thing about being an author? Just knowing that someone wants to read my words.

~How long did you write before you became a published author? Really badly for about six years. Then I learned what I was doing wrong and received my first contract eight years after I started.

~Who’s your favorite hero/heroine? Always the couple from my WIP (work in progress). The are the ones speaking the loudest in my head and the ones I live with.

~What are you reading at the moment? Right now I’m reading Jim Butcher’s Storm Front. But I read fast, so check back next week. I keep a running account on my blog.

~Do you have any advice for aspiring writers? Read, write and then repeat. Oh, and learn grammar. If you know grammar, that’s one fewer reason an editor has to reject you.

~Is there anything else you would like to share with your followers today? Just that I hope you laugh. I believe a day without laughter is a waste. And I hope my writing can bring at least a smile to my readers’ faces.

~How many books / series have you written? Twelve complete novels, several more proposals, and three series. The Time of Transtition is the latest of the three series. Two of the three books are finished and I’m well into the third book.

~Can you tell us about some of them? Most of my previous books are historical. My favorite subgenres are historical and paranormal.

~Do you have a new release, or a new release coming out soon? Can you tell us about it? Not soon, but book two of the Time of Transition comes out in April 2011, and I have an essay on Glee coming out in the fall.

~Do you set the mood to write? Listen to music, have a favorite chair, pen coffee mug, etc? I like to put my headphones on and turn on the iPod. I don’t really care what’s playing because I tune it out and focus, but I like the music. But it looks funny, because I have these big old noise-cancelling headphones attached to my itty bitty iPod.

~What are 3 things that are “must haves” for you when you sit down to write? Gum (weird, I know), a drink, and pens to take notes with.

~Do you have a webiste or blog that your readers can keep up with you and your books? is my web site, and I hope you all come to visit me.

~How do you come up with character names? This might sound odd, but often they introduce themselves to me name already attached. Otherwise I use baby name books.

~Can you tell you tell us a little bit about The Wish List? The Wish List tells the story of Kristin Montgomery, a CPA in San Diego. When she discovers her three aunts are fairy godmothers and she's next in line for the job, her uncomplicated life disappears like magic. No, not like magic; it is magic. Kristin not only has to deal with burgeoning magical powers, but also a reluctant arbiter, a selfish sprite, and a suave French sorcerer. When one of them turns out to be the bad guy, Kristin must learn to trust her heart and her instincts to keep herself and the ones she loves out of danger.

~How did you come up with the idea for this series? From a dream, from watching tv, while reading another book? I actually thought of a title first (How to be a Fairy Godmother in Ten Easy Steps) and decided I had to write that story. As the story progressed I realized I wasn’t writing that particular book, so the title changed.

~Did you have to do any type of research before writing this book? I actually write books first, and then do the research. This was my guilty secret until I read Stephen King’s On Writing and found out that he does research the same way. But yes, I did do research. My in-laws live in San Diego, and I drove around to get the right feel for the city. I also did research on cell phones.

~Who’s your favorite character and why? Would it be wrong to pick one of my secondary characters? I love Zack in the book. I mean, I love Tennyson, but Zack jumped into my head fully formed. And the aunts. They were such fun

~Are any of your characters based on people in your life? Kristin has much of me in her, like the fear of failure. But otherwise all my characters are fictional.

~Did the overall book turn out like your original idea of the story? Not even close. I believe this is one of the banes of being a writer. You have an image in your head and what appears on the paper never matches. Part of the job of being a writer is knowing when to let go of the manuscript.

~Can you tell us a little bit about the characters? Kristin is a woman who likes order in and control of her life. So when she discovers there’s magic in the world, she has neither and must learn to cope with a new set of rules. Tennyson is an academic who has made a major discovery--Merlin’s long lost book of rules. He wants to study the book, but the Council has given him the task of arbiter for the new godmother.

~Can you tell us a little bit about when and where the story takes place? The story is set in contemporary San Diego, but there’s a hidden society of magical beings, the Arcani, who live among the non-magical humans, the Groundlings.

~Do you have any idea how many book are going to be in this series? Three books make up this story arc, but I hope to set more books in this world.


Pizza or burger

Dress or jeans

Highlander or vampire

Fire or water

Up or down

Black &white or color

Half full or half empty
--half full

Day or night

Star trek or star wars
--Star Wars, except when I’m in the mood for Star Trek

Sword or gun

Eyes or mouth

Strawberry or cherry

Old or new

High or low

Shower or bath

Paperback or hardback

Desktop or laptop

Coke or pepsi

Winter or summer

Dog or cat

Movie theatre or movies at home
--movies at home

Check Out Gabi Here:
Tuesday Talking Teaser HERE
My Review HERE
Thank you so much for being here with us today Gabi,
and helping Celebrate my 30th Birthday!!

But don't go away! Gabi will be stopping in from time to time today to chat with all you wonderful commentors, and Gabi is also giving away a copy of The Wish List
to one lucky commentor! YAY!!!!

Only Rules:
Must leave a comment, and please include
an e-mail address so the winner can be contacted)

*Open US only / Ends June 18th*


HOTTIE of the Month

May 23, 2010

Ok, so some how i managed to forget HOTTIE of the Month this month! *ducks* don't hate me. AND i also missed MamaKittys Birthday! So to make up for both. i have brought you some Tattooed HOTTIES!!! I hope you enjoy them! *wiggles brows* I know I enjoyed finding them for you!!!!



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