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On The 13th Day of Blogmas We Have Eden Bradley

Dec 22, 2009

On the 13th Day of Blogmas We have Eden Bradley, Author of the New " Winter Solstice" Help me give a warm welcome to Eden *cheer,whoop,whoop,clap,clap,clap,woo hoo* Thank you for being here today Eden. Eden is a new Author to me so i did some major scopin of her books. OMG....If you have not checked her out , you must......wait don't go yet..... Eden has stopped by today with a wonderful interview,& giveaway, and she is also stopping by throughout the day to chat. so head on down to the interview, do all the little things to enter the giveaway, then head on over and check out Edens Books. You wont regret it i promise!!!

Eden Bradley

JJBC~Do you read any reviews on your books?
EB~ I always read my reviews. They’ve been mostly good, fortunately, but the bad ones are always painful. Still, I can’t look away!

JJBC~Do you read your own books after they make it to final print?
EB~No, never. By that time I’ve read it and edited it over and over, and once I get past the ARC stage (where we proof the final copy after it’s been typeset for last minute errors) I’m done and on to the next book. And my writing schedule has been so heavey the last few years, I’m lucky if I get to read anything!

JJBC~What do you like to Read? Your Favorite Genre?
EB~I love romantic comedy, chick lit and lately I’ve been reading a lot of YA. My book are pretty dark, so I think I need a break from my own drama-lol! But sometimes I do pick up an erotic novel from one of my favorite authors, or some women’s fiction. But if I’m going for the women’s ficiton, I want the dark, heavy stuff.

JJBC~Do you have a favorite book /series?
EB~That would be like asking me to pick my favorite pair of shoes! I have a number of books on my keeper shelf, but one of my all-time favorites is Silver Metal Lover by Tanith Lee. I’m an old sci-fi fan and this book is my favorite kind of hard-core futuristic society with some tragic romance. Plus, Tanith Lee’s descriptive prose is like no one else’s-gorgeous!

JJBC~ How did you get into writing?
EB~I always feel sort of terrible admitting this, but in 2001 I read this really awful romance novel, and I thought, if this person could get published, I certainly must be able to! I’d been writing since I was a child, but it hadn’t occurred to me until right then that I should try to publish. My first book, an e-book, was contracted in 2004, quickly followed by another, and then I had my first book deal with Bantam/Dell in 2005.

JJBC~Did you always want to be a writer?
EB~ Always-among other things. Well, almost always. At around age five I wanted to be a nurse and a ballerina.

JJBC~How old were you when you began to write?
EB~ In the summer between third and fourth grades, I volunteered for summer school so I could take a class on creative writing. But my first real novel happened when I was twenty-five (a long time ago!)-a really terrible romance novel. Right after that I wrote an epic vampire novel that’s never seen the light of day, but I’m always threatening to rewrite it when I have time. It could still happen…

JJBC~Is writing your full time job?
EB~It was for several years, but due to the crash in the economy-and the publishing industry-I’ve had to go back to work. I got certified to teach Pilates at the beginning of this year. I do it three days a week, and I love it!

JJBC~What’s a typical writing day for you like?
EB~ Right now it’s fairly insane. On days I don’t work the day job, I get up and have a cup of tea while going through email. Since I’m not a morning person this may take a while. I really start to work between 11:00 and noon, when I edit whatever I’ve written the day before, then I start to write new pages. I often work until around ten at night. Currently, due to having over-committed to three different publishers, I have to average a minimum of 14,000 words a week (about 56 pages), although I did 73 pages last week-trying to get ahead because I’ll be out of town for a few days over the holidays, plus I’m expecting revisions on my first novel for Harlequin Spice any day now, which will take me away from my work-in-progress for at least a week. On days I teach Pilates, I still usually write in the evening, anywhere from 5-10 pages.

JJBC~Do you set a daily writing goal?
 EB~I try for a daily goal of 2,000 words minimum, but my real goals are weekly.

JJBC~When and where do you like to write?
EB~I’m a bit of a prima donna about my writing. I really need to be at home at my desk, with either total silence or a play list of music picked for that particular story and my mood that day. I can’t work on my laptop, or at a cafĂ©, as many authors do. I’m too easily distracted.

JJBC~Are there any processes you use when writing? Do you keep journals, sticky notes, chicken scratch on the back of receipts?
EB~My office is covered in sticky notes! I also have random notes and bits of dialogue on pads of paper that I keep all over: by my bed, in my car, in my bathroom (I always have great ideas when I’m in the shower). Other than that, I just sit down and write. My deadlines don’t allow me to wait for a muse-I just sit at the keyboard and make myself do it. Sometimes there is crying and chocolate involved. Sad, but true…*G*

JJBC~Do you prefer to write on a computer, typewriter, or paper and pen?
EB~Definitely on the computer. My handwriting is atrocious. It’s often difficult for me to make out my scribbled notes.

JJBC~What is the hardest / easiest part of writing for you?
EB~The hardest part is just creating on demand nearly seven days a week since 2005. I get burned out. The easiest? There are days when I’m just on a roll and the words come pouring out of me so fast I can barely keep up-pure joy!

JJBC~What’s the best thing about being an author?
EB~The personal validation. The money is lovely, although it’s very hard to make enough to actually live on. But when an editor buys your book, it’s validation that you do something well enough for them to take a chance on you. And the fact that it’s something I love and would do anyway…that’s pretty amazing.

JJBC~How long did you write before you became a published author?
EB~Most of my life, but with the intent to publish, about 3 ½ years.

JJBC~Who’s your favorite hero/heroine?
EB~From my own books? I really love Valentine in my book A 21ST CENTURY COURTESAN. She’s so complex, and aside from being a call girl, there’s a lot of me in her-lol! I also love Nissa and Meeraj, the heroines I’ve been writing for my new erotic vampire/urban fantasy books from Samhain, THE SEEKING KISS and BLOODSONG, books One and Two in the Midnight Playground Series (there will be four in total). They’re tough and street-smart and fearless. I suppose you have to be to seek out a vampire for a bed partner!

JJBC~What are you reading at the moment?
EB~A great YA book by Sarah Dessen called Just Listen.

JJBC~Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?
EB~Just write. Don’t wait for the muse. Practice your craft even if you don’t feel like it. And never stop learning-none of us ever knows it all.

JJBC~Is there anything else you would like to share with your followers today?
EB~Thanks so much for having me! Readers can find me on my website: or on my group blog, which I share with fellow authors R.G. Alexander, Lilli Feisty and Crystal Jordan:

Winter Solstice
Celestial Seductions, Book 1

Love with a beautiful stranger isn’t so strange—if you believe in destiny.

Clinical psychologist Destiny Walker considers herself far too logical for any of that “soul mate” nonsense. Even if her beloved, dearly departed Nana insisted she was going to meet hers someday. When a sudden downpour sends her ducking into a psychic reader’s storefront—and the woman confirms everything her grandmother said—doubt begins to sneak into the corners of her mind.

A chance meeting—more like a collision—with Superman look-alike Reece Kellan sets off a sexual chemistry reaction the likes of which she’s never felt. She isn’t prone to falling into bed with strangers, but he does things to her body that leave her breathless…and unsure where her pleasure ends and his begins.

And that’s the part that scares the hell out of her…

JJBC~How did you come up with the idea for this series? From a dream, from watching tv, while reading another book?
EB~I don’t know where most of my ideas come from-my mind just wanders…although a few of my stories have been inspired by real life events. But since I write erotica and erotic romance, I’m not saying which ones…*G*

JJBC~Did you have to do any type of research before writing this book?
EB~ Not for this one.

JJBC~Are any of your characters based on people in your life?
EB~ Definitely! My friends always make it into my books, usually as secondary characters. And two of my heroes are based on a guy with whom I had a bad breakup. I wrote about him for a number of months, resulting in two different stories. It helped me to get closure on that relationship.

JJBC~Can you tell us a little bit about the characters?
EB~Destiny Walker is a clinical psychologist. She’s a creature of logic, so when she meets the hero and some strange things start to happen, she doesn’t know what to believe, and runs scared. Luckily he’s charming enough that she can’t stay away.

Reece Kellan is a sexy Superman look-alike. Raised in Ireland and Scotland, he’s a bit of an old-fashioned gentleman, an easy-going guy, who believes in magic.

JJBC~Can you tell us a little bit about when and where the story takes place?
EB~It’s a contemporary piece that takes place in the Los Angeles area, where I live. The story starts in the North Hollywood arts district, which is a very cool part of town, with great cafes, shops and small theater.

JJBC~Do you have any idea how many book are going to be in this series?
EB~The Celestial Seductions Series will be four books, one for each solstice and equinox. SPRING EQUINOX will be out in March.
My Bonus Question:

JJBC~If you could be trapped in any series/book which would it be and why?
EB~ I tend to like either really angsty stuff or really funny stuff-I’m not sure I’d want to live in any of them. Does that make me a realist? That’s a funny idea for someone who lives mostly in my head, talking to voices that don’t really exist-lol!

You Can Also Find Eden here:
About Eden
Eden's Blog
Eden's  Books
Edens Links

***Don't go away, Eden is stopping by through out the day. to chat, and answer questions. She has also given me the opportunity to give away a signed copy of "Winter Solstice"  to 1 lucky winner!!! WOO HOO!!!

How to Enter the Giveaway: (This giveaway is open US only)
1~ Answer the following questions:
~Have you Read anything by Eden? If so, what where they, and tell us what you thought about it
~If not, which of Edens Books is calling your name to read?
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21 Hottie Follwers Thoughts:

Veronica December 22, 2009 at 8:24 AM  

1~ Eden's Book Calling to me is
2~ I Follow JoJosBookCorner Blog
3~ I Follow Eden's Blog
4~ I Follow JoJo on Twitter
7~ I Retweet this here
8~ Hi Eden! What do you look forward to in 2010?

ErotRomReader (Janna) December 22, 2009 at 8:45 AM  

To bad this is open to US only! I still enjoyed the interview and retweeted it and I'm doing all the following ;)

form the Netherlands

tetewa December 22, 2009 at 9:57 AM  

The Seeking Kiss sounds like my kind of read because it has to do with vampires!

Amanda Leigh December 22, 2009 at 11:36 AM  

1~Have you Read anything by Eden?
No, I haven't.
~If not, which of Edens Books is calling your name to read?
The Seeking Kiss and Winter Solstice both look like books I would enjoy!

2~Follow JoJosBookCorner Blog Amanda Leigh

3~Now Follow Eden's Blog

don't twitter

5~Signed up for Eden's Newsletter

6~Become a Friend of Eden on Myspace

8~ Ask Eden a Question
Who are your favorite authors?

Amanda Leigh December 22, 2009 at 11:36 AM  

oops, from the US

joder December 22, 2009 at 12:12 PM  

2. I follow JoJo's Blog
3. I follow Eden's blog
4. I follow JoJo on twitter
7. Retweeted at

joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

I live in the US.

Eden Bradley December 22, 2009 at 12:15 PM  

Good morning, everyone! (I'm in California, so I'm always behind!).
Thanks for stopping by, everyone! I'll be checking in throughout the day, so if you have questions, throw 'em at me!
Eden :)

katsrus December 22, 2009 at 12:28 PM  

1. I have not read her books. The Seeking Kiss is calling me.
2~Following JoJosBookCorner Blog
3~Following Eden's Blog
4~Following JoJo on Twitter
5~Signed up for Eden's Newsletter
6~No Myspace account


Kate Pearce December 22, 2009 at 12:32 PM  

Just wanted to say hi to Eden and congrats on all her books and hard work!

Eden Bradley December 22, 2009 at 12:34 PM  

Hallo, Kate! Thanks for stopping by. :)(This is *the* ever-fabulous Kate Pearce, BTW, folks-if you haven't read her books, they're a must!)
Hmm...the vampires seem to be calling to your readers, Jojo-good thing there are four books in the Midnight Playground series...

SabrinaDarby December 22, 2009 at 1:15 PM  

Ooh, I learned some new things about Eden! Good interview Eden and Jojo!
And I'm just saying hi too.

Eden Bradley December 22, 2009 at 1:21 PM  

Hi Sabrina! Thanks for dropping by!
(The also-fabulous Sabrina Darby! Loved her debut novel, 'On These Silken Sheets'-hot historical!)

justpeachy36 December 22, 2009 at 7:37 PM

I haven't read anything by Eden yet, but I'm looking forward to it.

I would like to read Winter Solstice.

I follow jojosbookcorner blog
I follow Eden's blog
I follow jojo on twitter
I sent Eden a friend request on myspace
I retweeted the giveaway here:

Crista December 22, 2009 at 8:31 PM  

I loved Forbidden Fruit! That's probably my fav book by Eden. :)

Eden Bradley December 22, 2009 at 10:24 PM  

Ah-I thought everyone had forgotten about Forbidden Fruit-that book was fun to write! Got me eating lots of chocolate and whipped cream and strawberries...research, you know...*G*

Armenia December 22, 2009 at 11:14 PM  

+1 Just got the Seeking Kiss, Beauty of Surrender, and the Dark Garden. Reading these during Christmas break. Looking forward to the Celestial Seductions series.

+2 follow JoJo's blog

+3 follow Eden's blog

+5 already signed up for Eden's newsletter.

armiefox at yahoo dot com

Sally,  December 22, 2009 at 11:24 PM  

I enjoyed the interview!!! This 12 days of Blogmas has been fun!!!

1~ Answer the following questions:
~Have you Read anything by Eden? I have not yet read anything by Eden but I plan to in the future. I will add to my list!!!
~If not, which of Edens Books is calling your name to read? Winter Solstice. I'm not sure Santa's bag will hold my whole wish list this year! lol
2~I follow JoJosBookCorner Blog
3~I follow Eden's Blog
4~I follow JoJo on Twitter
5~I signed up for Eden's Newsletter (link at bottom of website)

Eden Bradley December 22, 2009 at 11:39 PM  

Thanks for coming by, everyone! I'm off to bed in a few minutes, then getting ready for a li'l Mexican cruise with my b/f's folks...Happy Holidays!

Spav December 23, 2009 at 11:48 AM  

I've never read anything by her.

flchen1 December 23, 2009 at 3:35 PM  

I haven't read any of Eden's stories yet; A 21st Century Courtesan is calling my name :) I like the idea of this woman having a chance to experience the love side of pleasure in her life journey.

- following JoJo's and Eden's blogs, following JoJo on Twitter

skyla11377 December 23, 2009 at 4:49 PM  

1~ Answer the following questions:
~Have You Read Anything By Eden? If So, What Where They, And Tell Us What You Thought About It.
I Have Not Had The Pleasure Of Reading Anything Of Eden's As Of Yet.
~If Not, Which Of Edens Books Is Calling Your Name To Read?
The Seeking Kiss Book One In The Midnight Playground Series Is Calling To Me.
2~Follow JoJosBookCorner Blog.
I Am Following JoJosBookCorner Blog.
3~Follow Eden's Blog.
I Am Following Eden's Blog.
4~Follow JoJo On Twitter.
I Am Following JoJo On Twitter.
5~Sign Up For Eden's Newsletter (Link At Bottom Of Website).
I Have Signed Up For Eden's Newsletter.
6~Become A Friend Of Eden On Myspace.
I Have Become A Friend Of Eden's On Myspace.
7~ Retweet This (MUST Leave Link, A Point For Each Tweet).
I Have Tweeted About This.
8~ Ask Eden A Question.
Hey Eden What Are One Or Two Things We Wouldn’t Normally Know About You?


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